Strengthening Flint Families

Lead Author
Sarah A. Stoddard, Ph.D.
Cores and Projects
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Conference Poster
In 2011, nearly 20% of Flint residents participating in a community-wide survey on health reported that they or a family member were a drug user or addicted to drugs in the past 2 years.​ Prevention and treatment work, but little is known about how to effectively implement evidence-based programs in communities such as Flint.

Strengthening Flint Families (SFF) is substance use prevention initiative in Flint that combines three coordinated evidence-based interventions​:​

Peer recovery coaching (PRC): Certified Peer Recovery Coaches (PRCs) are peers to their clients, have been successful in the recovery process for more than two years, and have completed specialized training and supervision. PRCs assist individuals with challenges related to their recovery and enroll clients’ families into the Strengthening Families Program. ​

Strengthening Families Program: Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 7 - 17 (SFP 7 - 17) is an evidence-based program for families with children between the ages of 7 – 17. It consists of 10 interactive sessions that focus on strengthening protective factors and reducing risk factors for families.​

​Multi-media campaign: The campaign will deliver messages about the effectiveness and availability of family programs and substance use treatment and prevention in the community. Driven by the powerful message of growth and recovery from the affected populations, the campaign will be executed on social media platforms as well as print media and radio.