Why We Work

We are improving the community health for our fellow community members.  We live here.  We work here.  We have family in Flint.  We believe that partnerships are the key to successful outcomes.  We are working with the youth to train and educate future public health leaders who will do this work for generations to come.  Our colleagues, friends, and neighbors motivate us to do better research, engage community in the process, and keep working toward better outcomes for Flint.

Our work involves community-based multilevel collaborative intervention research projects, one focused on prevention of chronic physical health disease/condition (specifically obesity and cardiovascular disease) and the other focused on prevention of chronic behavioral health disease/condition (specifically substance abuse and mental illness).  Our behavioral health intervention programs have the potential to improve overall physical well-being for families.  Our initiatives will reduce health inequities in Flint and provide promising insights to promote translational approaches in Region 5 and more broadly across the nation.