Distribution Request

One priority of the Flint Center for Health Equity Solutions Dissemination and Implementation Science Core is to: “Communicate Center findings locally and nationally.”  We do this through a rigorous but efficient Distribution Request process.  If you are familiar with the process and want to submit a distribution request, click here.  Or, continue reading below for a brief explanation and overview of the process.

The Distribution Process

Getting Started

First and foremost, thank you for prioritizing Flint in your research!  We are here to help you disseminate and implement your findings. The first few questions you might consider when drafting a proposal are…

  • Who will your audience be?
  • What data will you be using?
  • Is the presentation formal or informal?

There are 3 types of Distribution Request reviews:

  1. Expedited Review: examples: non-scientific publications, all community products, and colloquia, conference presentations, and conference proceedings
  2. Full Review: examples: scientific publications, technical, and protocol papers
  3. Fast Track: Includes products that are not using FCHES data but were supported by FCHES. Examples: theses and dissertations.

Use the decision tree below to determine the appropriate review for your product. 

After you submit your request, both DISC and the Admin Core will review the submission separately. Note the DISC and Admin meet the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Please expect feedback on all proposals within one month’s time.

Expedited Review Process

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If your request is eligible for an Expedited Review your product will be reviewed by the DISC and Administrative Core. Note: All community products are reviewed by the Community Review Team, whose members are from the  FCHES Consortium Core. You will receive feedback about your product and once approved it is posted in our Products Directory. Click here to view the list of all products in the directory.

Full Review Process

If your request is eligible for a Full Review, it completes a two-step approval process followed by the author returning a published product to the FCHES Scientific Publications Coordinator.

Proposal Phase

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When you submit a Distribution Request, your product enters the proposal phase. Once reviewed, you will receive feedback about whether your product is approved to move to the Production Phase where you will submit a substantive product draft, like a draft of a manuscript you intend to send to a journal for publication. 

Production Phase

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After you submit your product draft, you will get feedback about whether it has been fully approved for submission.  Once your product has received full approval, you are ready to submit your publication!

Distribution Phase

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After we receive your product or publication, our SPC will post it in our Products Directory.  Click here to view the list of all products in the directory.

Glossary and Acronyms

Ready to submit a distribution request?  Click here