The Flint Center for Health Equity Solutions is a partnership between many community partners.  We work in community. Our stakeholders have offices at various organizations throughout the city.

Where We Meet

The Flint Center for Health Equity Solutions meetings take place at the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Division of Public Health in Flint.  To read more about the partnership with Michigan State University and Flint community, click here

Mailing and Meeting Address
Michigan State University
Division of Public Health
200 East 1st Street, 2nd Floor
Flint, MI 48502

If you have a chance to work with us, please note that the Michigan State University building is secure and parking is limited. Make sure to park in the MSU guest spots (directly in front of the MSU building, marked with “guest” signs) and check in with a security guard at the 1st Floor station. Badge access is needed to get into the 1st and 2nd Floor meeting rooms. We are happy to welcome you to our building!